unwitnessed is an ongoing project exploring concepts for which we have no objective data and rely on subjective beliefs.  

unwitnessed #1 was made in Kathmandu, Nepal. After spending time observing local funerary processes, I became interested in how no-one really knows what it feels like to die. This video work is my exploration of what that liminal state feels like as we transition from living human to another state.

unwitnessed #2 was made in Penang, Malaysia. A melting pot of cultures and religions, this video work is inspired by my observation of the unwavering belief in the unwitnessed that is so evident in that location. Accompanying soundtrack is in progress.

unwitnessed #3 was made in Boonah, QLD, Australia and considers the invisible powers of nature which surround us and dictate elements of our lives. Despite human desire to predict and tame these natural elements, we never really have control over what lies ahead. Selected sections of this work were made in collaboration with VERGE Collective and re-edited by me.