Lost and Found

A collaboration with Di Bacic

Known as the wild west of Queensland, The Gemfields can present as awfully unfriendly.  Unwelcoming signs blaring: ‘Private Property’, ‘No Entry’, and ‘Keep Out’, loom large in a landscape devoid of any obvious order.  Not sure if we would be welcomed or shot, “You can take all the f****ing photos you like!” was our greeting at the edge of Divide. Now, as we sit writing this piece, we reflect upon a place we entered as outsiders and emerged as part of a family, gifted with acceptance, invitations, new found friendships, a marriage proposal and a love for ginger wine. The community we discovered was a close knit one, where your past is irrelevant and friendship is everything. 

Click on each image below to see a glimpse into the lives of just a few of the gems we found once we scratched beneath the surface.

To the Moon and Back : Bev Sneddon & Ian Ogilvie

To the Moon and Back: Bev Sneddon & Ian Ogilvie

Gentlemanly Giant Killer : Kingsley Fancourt

Gentlemanly Giant Killer: Kingsley Fancourt

Diamond in the Rough : Bev Sneddon

Diamond in the Rough: Bev Sneddon

A Life Lived : John Murillo

A Life Lived: John Murillo